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May 4, 2011

oof — i’m definitely feeling the two-hour time difference this morning! while it did work out to my advantage last night [i stayed up until midnight – kitchen restocking/laundry/waiting for josh to come back from the OR . . .], this morning’s 6 AM wake up call felt like 4!

perhaps a day of fatigue will help me reset back into my early bird ways — if i can get through today, that is.

i’m hoping that this will also help . . .

these days, i don’t always write out my goals for the day [although headed back into the lab with less structured time, i’ll probably begin doing it more often]. however, it can be really helpful on days like today when the piled-up to-dos can seem overwhelming.

i have purposely planned a very reasonable amount of work for the day, with plans to tie up loose clinical ends before heading back into research mode [although just for ~2 weeks this time around before i REALLY go into the lab in july].

and yes, my day begins with a cavity filling. the upside? it can only get better from there!

nutrition note: what works for me
over the last 11 days, i have eaten over 30 meals away from home, generally at restaurants [from a fancy fondue place to the hotel coffee shop]. two conclusions emerged over the course of this impromptu eating ‘experiment’:

i need snacks. most days during this trip, i stuck to 3 meals [just because that was most convenient]. a change from my usual habits, i really didn’t like this style of eating at all! i felt like i just went from too full –> too hungry throughout the day, instead of enjoying the sustained energy i am used to having with smaller meals/snacks spaced every 3-4 hours. in case anyone is wondering, my usual pattern looks something like this . . .

5:30 breakfast
9:30 snack #1
12:30 lunch
4:00 snack #2
8:00 dinner
post-dinner dark chocolate [small BUT essential!]

and this works for me!

it really is challenging to eat healthfully at restaurants — or at least challenging for me! i LOVE eating out, but i prefer it more as a fun change of pace 1-2 times/week. i actually prefer my own cooking on a day-to-day basis.

last night’s mixed greens salad w/ beets, walnuts, gorgonzola + honey vinaigrette, plus crackers + hummus
are you a 3 squares kind of person or are you more energetic + satisfied on a snack-happy diet?



workout: rest day — filled with travel!

salad, shown above
what was not shown –> my personal dinnertime entertainment while waiting for josh to come home [this happened at 11 pm!].

served with a side of glee . . . straight up.

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