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June 6, 2011

well, good morning . . .
and happy monday. it’s a new week — but i have to admit, i’m feeling rather overwhelmed already! i have numerous work projects looming, our apartment is stuck in a sort of half-done state, i’m behind on household chores, and uhhhh — it turns out my car was totaled. so a minor to-do item known as ‘car shopping’ has been added to the list.

attempting to chase down one of these = not necessarily the easiest feat!

in need of an early start this morning, i will just share some highlights from our trip to PHL this weekend [we went to visit my parents — it was my dad’s bday weekend!].

approaching philadelphia under clear skies

hiking in H-town

[unintentially] matching parents

you would think i had found something even more exciting than a turtle . . .

josh biting into something philadelphian

gentlemen headed out to dinner

restaurant nan: an elegant thai-french blend

meal highlight: escargot + duxelles en croute!!

official mini-golf tournament [i lost. josh won!]

✰ retreat post [started last night, but really written this AM] is up! this week’s topic is one of my favorites.

HLS tickets go on sale tonight at 8pm – keeping my fingers crossed i’ll score a ticket to attend for the 3rd time!

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