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June 3, 2011

what goes up . . .
apparently, my reward for writing yesterday’s upbeat post was a series of several not-so-gentle reminders that — well, $#!% happens.

$#!% like a minor car accident [thank goodness, no one hurt!!! just cars, and pretty soon our bank account]. $#!% like yet another disappointment from first response, which i really encourage you to buy stock in [i shudder to think of the hundreds of dollars i have poured into these things]. $#!% like feeling really out of control and just NOT together at work, with both clinical demands and research issues [and presentations galore] piled up seemingly all at once.

ANYWAY. i am trying to treat these events as lessons. and the major lesson which sticks out to me is one of patience.

the truth is: i don’t have much of it. not in my car, and not with my uterus. and i KNOW this! it’s not that i have not tried to slow down and stop hurrying/rushing/wishing; it’s just that it is a very hard habit to break.

but i’ll keep trying.

retreat report
after arriving home from the slightly traumatizing post-work events yesterday, i did manage to hit my mat for some yoga therapy à la dave farmar. if you’d like to catch up on some of the previous retreat posts, they’re all compiled here.

collection of retreat posts so far:

week 1: inside/out
day 1: ideal day + implementing one element
day 2: sleep
day 3: nutrition
day 4: movement
day 5: self-compassion/body image

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