summer retreat: 5.31.11

May 31, 2011

day 2
i loved hearing what several of you chose to add to your day today as part of the retreat!

tomorrow will be day 2, with continued focus on inside/out. your assignments [if you so choose to accept them!] are all centered around one key theme that relates to healthy and happy living: SLEEP!

not my picture, but it is our IKEA bed! [source]

journal exercise

i actually had fun graphing out my typical energy patterns [as you can see here] — so go at it with your notebook or excel sheet. feel free to explore further: does the way you manage your energy throughout the day actually match your natural inclinations? AND, how does the amount of sleep you get impact these patterns, in general? is there an amount that you have found really helps you be more productive, energetic, and even . . . happier?

for me, residency was a [very long and painful] experiment that demonstrated to me just how valuable getting 7-8 hours regularly truly is — and yet i still don’t always adhere to this goal 100%.

i found this recent new york times magazine article on the topic to be really inspiring — they found significant differences in performance when comparing 6 to 8 hours! i also love this experience life magazine article, filled with information about the benefits of good sleep as well as some tips for developing a circadian rhythm that allows you to thrive.

[and if you’re one of these people — well, just . . . feel free to ignore the above advice! and also, i’m totally jealous.]

5 minutes again, but this time in the evening as a pre-bed ritual. wind down your thoughts and get ready for a restorative night of rest . . .

challenge yourself to get enough sleep tonight — i’d set an amount, but i really do believe people differ in their needs here, so decide what works for you. personally, my goal will be to get in bed + read for a bit before getting in a solid 8 hours.

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