happy things

June 2, 2011

happy thing #1
even with a priority score that i thought made it unlikely, my grant somehow got funded!!

totally came out of nowhere . . .but i’ll take it.
happy thing #2
my lulu seal has been broken, and . . . i get it now.

i tried out my new gear right away:

my elbows are actually NOT at a good angle here — should be 90〫
[i do need to work on form, and since there are no mirrors in the studio where i practice, yoga photos can be helpful!]

we can pretend i held this forearm stand for longer than 2 seconds
i do need to get everything hemmed a bit but apparently they will do this for free at the raleigh showroom. i am going to try to coordinate my visit with one of their complimentary weekend practices!

happy thing #3
i can still do this:

happy thing #4
i survived my first day back in the hospital yesterday! i actually feel a bit overwhelmed right now, but i think the retreat couldn’t have come at a better time.

off to run
on my new urban route!



workout: yoga play in our studio apartment

easy summer dinner
for some reason, these chicken sausages were calling my name at whole foods the other day — nothing says summer like an elongated bun stuffed with juicy, salty goodness!

this meal took about 5 seconds to put together, and although it wasn’t the recipe i had planned, it was a great use of the produce in our fridge and hit the spot. as much as i love following recipes from cooking magazines, sometimes i think super-simple fare really can be nearly as good . . .

retreat report: yesterday i did manage to eat one meal with NO distractions — at lunch! it may have been just 15 minutes, but i will admit it was a refreshing change from my usual work-straight-through antics.

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