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June 23, 2011

it’s june WHAT NOW!??
time seems to be moving at some sort of warp speed at the moment.

how i WISH i had evie’s powers right now — and her sweater!!
[if you were not born in the early 80s you may not get the above reference, and i’m sorry. YOU ALL MISSED OUT big time.]

if i could stop time right now, i would:

✰ clean our apartment
✰ take a ridiculous nap
✰ run errands [frozen traffic would be awesome]
✰ make a master to-do list for work and organize papers all thrown into bag

really, nothing crazy. i could probably churn out all of the above in 6 focused hours! yet i somehow feel completely disorganized/dysfunctional right now. funny how that works.

what would you do if you could stop time today?

10 in 100
hey, remember when i posted 10 in 100? to me, it feels like i JUST wrote that list, but apparently day 100 is less than a month away! time to assess my progress [and plan of attack] on these [fun] goals . . .

1. have a dedicated spa/relaxation day – done, on my birthday! and i have another massage scheduled for july 2. yay!

2. get some cute yoga gear

as i predicted, i am already a lulu convert
3. identify a new local running route once we move done — and i’m loving my east campus jaunts even if they are SHORT [just around 30 minutes].

4. go to the farmer’s market, and preferably buy the bulk of the week’s groceries there i’m not sure about the latter part of this goal, but i did make it there [on foot] this past saturday, and was really pleased with what i found!

5. try bull city burger and brewery

check. and thumbs up!
6. work on the foundations for titibasana/firefly yeah, uhhh — no. sadly, it has been a really bad past 2 months for yoga! i know i have lost some strength and balance, and i am dying to get back to the studio [and into home practice] on a more regular basis.

host another blogger gathering not yet — but i really want to do a house apartment-warming! so: details to follow.

8. visit my family

short-but-sweet weekend in philadelphia
✘/✔ 9. clean out my iTunes + find 3 great new albums — partial check. the new bon iver, fleet foxes, and lady gaga [couldn’t help it!] were added to my collection — but it’s still a mess.

10. make a delicious summery dessert sadly, not yet!! but i have my sights set on the treats section of my newest cookbook . . .

summer retreat day 21: plan in fun –> your 10/100

creating a list of self-improvement/work goals may come naturally to many of us, but what about . . . the rest of life? 100 days from today is october 1, 2011 [in my mind, the real beginning of fall]. can you think of 10 enjoyable/fun things you would like to accomplish between now and then?

post on your own 10/100, or write it down somewhere private. remember to put a list of these items somewhere you’ll see them regularly!

✔ some ideas of [free!] things to do from the simple dollar

✔ some more ideas [including summer-specific lists] from a site dedicated to beating boredom

✔ ideas specific to the raleigh-durham area in this thread

create your list, and then get started or make concrete plans for one thing on it today.

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