. . . and now we are 7!

July 27, 2011

things i didn’t know when i started the blog

that i would learn to love cooking and become [at least sort of] part of the food blogging community [still not sure how that happened!]

one of last year’s top 10 from the cook page
that i would grow to truly love pouring my thoughts out to the world in the early morning

that anyone would read it

that i would run a marathon [or 4]

even if my running now isn’t up to previous standards!
that i would end up meeting some wonderful people who turned into IRL friends

can’t wait to see these lovelies again at HLS!
that blogging would help me through tough decisions and frustrating times

that i would continue posting in this space for 7 years!

yes – 7 years, and technically one day — the dating on my first post got changed by 1 day after i moved from the original url to theshubox.com. for a more chronological walk through memory lane [complete with wedding pictures], check out last year’s post: and now we are 6.

thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and making this SO much fun! i truly appreciate it, and i hope to continue sharing in this space for at least another 7. stay tuned . . . there’s plenty more to come.

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