date night & a winner

July 15, 2011

friday / viernes / vendredi
it doesn’t matter how you say it. since i’m on call this weekend, today doesn’t have that sparkly feel that most fridays do. however, i definitely have to say that being on call for 3 nights is psychologically SO much easier than 7! plus, since there’s nothing stopping me from napping or sleeping in on a weekend, even a middle-of-the-night phone call is easier to digest. so: i still anticipate a fun weekend.

starting with a run in THIS:

!!!! a midsummer morning’s dream-come-true!
date night: walking distance restaurant #5
date nights are wonderful, and in my opinion, necessary. if once we manage to have a baby, i firmly cling to the notion that date nights will still happen at some regular frequency. last night, we headed out knowing that the rest of the weekend i’d be hitched to the pager [ie: less relaxing for me to be at a restaurant with constant threat of interruption].

continuing our trend of walking to local eateries, we headed to alivia’s durham bistro. i had been there once before for dinner and while the food hadn’t been exceptional, the outdoor patio was quite nice.

distance: a whopping 0.1 mi on foot! [really, it’s just down the street]

price: $50 including tax and tip for dinner + drinks for both of us

atmosphere: very nice outdoor patio with good service

food: while i wanted to be pleasantly surprised, i again thought the food was just okay. it wasn’t offensive in any way, but just wasn’t that exciting.

josh definitely enjoyed his local beer sampler, however . . .

he was super-hungry, so we started with this pork loin quesadilla:

it sounded good in theory, but the flavors were just okay
i did enjoy my salad [mixed greens + mandarin oranges + pecans + bleu cheese + raspberry vinaigrette]; even if i could have thrown together something equally good at home, it was nice not to have to! josh’s curried chicken salad sandwich was fine but paled in comparison to that available at parker & otis down the street.

side-by-side entrées
while i wouldn’t recommend alivia’s for the cuisine, it was still a pleasant place to spend an evening outside — and the convenience factor can’t be beat. i would return for drinks!

we finished off the night with our latest decadence: pay-per-view. we used to have netflix, but would let months go by without using it. truthfully, PPV is more cost-effective for us and it feels so luxurious to just choose a movie and have it instantly appear on the screen! browsing around, we found this:

this movie tells the story of corporate downsizing from the perspective of several executives, and i really liked it! it probably helps that i’ve had a soft spot for ben affleck since chasing amy.

we have a winner!
i wish i could send free workout wear to all of you, but the winner — selected via random number generator, was #7 — dawn, who remarked:

“The selection at activewearusa is impressive! I’d love to try the CW-X 3/4 Stabilyx Tights for running. I’m a little skeptical of ‘supportive activewear’ (outside the bra category) but I’d be willing to try it out.”




workout: 30 minute run around my usual route

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