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July 9, 2011

a DOING weekend
i meant what i said in yesterday’s post — and already with the prospect of just jumping back into life, i feel better about things.

the storm is over . . . for now, anyway
so: this weekend will be filled with DOING. getting out around town. being active. working on projects. being present in daily activities so that mindLESS ruminations about less pleasant things [that i can’t do anything about, anyway!] don’t dominate my days. really, why should they??

just looking at this list makes me happier already.

what will you be doing this weekend?

partners in crime wine

alison + i had a wine/yoga date planned approximately 17 months ago, and then . . . well, one of us turned out to be pregnant. after playing with a’s beautiful daughter for a while, we put miss ellie to bed and finally got to have our catch-up date, wine included! it was a lovely break for both of us.

i also captured dinner, because it was definitely blog-worthy:

turkey burger with avocado + brown rice salad + mixed greens with figs, goat cheese, and pecans
here’s to friends, getting out, and enjoying the summer. and with that, i’m off to plan some supernatural every day goodness + then run [literally] to the farmer’s market!

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