July 13, 2011

lab talk
so, the lab. it’s where i work now [for the most part]. for the better part of 2 years, i will be a basic science researcher during most months.

◼ is it where i see myself in 10 years? no.

◼ do i want to finish my fellowship feeling like i have learned something and with a tangible prize [ie, a paper] to show for my efforts? yes.

i have to admit i am struggling a bit with the most recent transition. it really is hard [for me, at least!] to move from the bustling world of the hospital/clinics where you just GET THINGS DONE all day to the lab where you really have to create your own tasks [and there’s no guarantee at any given time that you’re doing the ‘right’ thing]. calendars help. lists help! but perhaps i just need to be a little bit patient in letting myself get used to something this different.

time for a little brainstorming — on paper, because my brain works better that way
accentuating the positive
actionable items!

ahh, now that’s a bit better. as always, further tips from any of you seasoned researchers out there are [very] welcome. and with that, i’m off to work!

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workout: 20 minutes elliptical (levels 9 – 11) + 20 minutes weights [deadlifts, lunges, lat pull-downs, shoulder press, tricep press]. i’ve decided i really like doing weights in our apartment gym. so convenient!

i wanted to eat cereal for dinner
what can i say? it was 100 degrees and i found out that josh had a meeting to go to [umm, a “meeting” at a restaurant with lots of wine — why doesn’t peds endo get to have meetings like that!??], and therefore i was home alone. i was watching (500) days of summer [just because it was on] and wanted to do nothing but continue to lie on the couch.

but i had already made the rice for last night’s dinner — 2 days prior. and as any good medical student knows, if i waited too long to eat it i might end up with food poisoning [b. cereus!! you got food poisoning from rice?? heh heh brilliant]. and since i’m paranoid in silly ways sometimes, i figured it was time to start eating that rice and so i might as well put together the SNED curry that the rice was supposed to go with.

and so, that is how i ended up eating a steaming bowl of curry with brown rice on a 100 degree day. this was actually the first SNED recipe that did not wow me — it’s basically red curry paste + coconut milk + veg broth, with a bunch of seasonal vegetables. it was easy to throw together and is quite healthy [vegan to boot!], but the flavors didn’t really pop. maybe i needed more salt!

or maybe it’s because what i really wanted to eat was a bowl of cereal. ahh well — what i made was probably much more nutritious! and the leftovers will feed us well for the rest of the week.

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