lifelong learning

July 29, 2011

little secrets of adulthood
i have a new policy: the minute i receive a wedding invitation, i purchase and send a gift. that way, i won’t be in a rush to do it later, i get my pick of the registry [if i choose to buy from the registry — i don’t always], and the recipients get a nice early present.

latest gift purchase. and yes, I AM JEALOUS.
i hit ‘purchase’ on the above le creuset item yesterday feeling slightly smug and self-satifsied — like it’d finally figured something out! it dawned on me that this was just another secret of adulthood, as gretchen rubin would say. her secrets are bigger [“the days are long, but the years are short” is perhaps her most famous], but i actually think there are a lot of valid little secrets that add up to mean something, too.

so, off of the top of my head this morning, here are 10 little secrets of adulthood [that i’ve found to be true for me, anyway]. i’d love to hear yours!

✰ stop thinking about it and just empty the dishwasher already. even if it seems insurmountable, it takes less than 10 minutes!

mascara really does make a big difference [and multitasking is overrated!]

rushing takes the joy out of anything.

✰ i will never regret attending a yoga class.

✰ always have some fun things coming up on the horizon: at least one small outing [tonight’s bon iver concert, for example!] and one big trip.

✰ keep a blank notebook handy. you never know when you just might NEED to start a new one.

✰ just get the magazine subscription [buying 2 issues on the newsstand costs just as much and isn’t nearly as fun as getting mail!]

✰ quality > quantity when it comes to clothes [within reason, of course]

packing a healthy lunch is always worth a few extra minutes in the morning [and will actually save time later in the day]

sleeping enough makes life better.

PS: 7 days CAFFEINE FREE!!!! i can’t believe it, but i think i’m really over the hump now . . .



cooking has been practically nonexistent this week – instead, it’s been a somewhat disastrous mix of mexican leftovers and take-out pizza. i think i’ve met my cheese quota for the year 2011 and i’m ready to get back in the kitchen!

workout: another trusty 30 minute run. amazingly, AM temps near or at 80 are not fazing me as much anymore!