July 11, 2011

new week
deep breath, it’s monday! i do have to say being in the lab makes it a little easier to gracefully slide into the week. no jarring 8AM page saying: “2 new DKA patients in the PICU”; no cleaning up messes left over from the weekend.

[you know, unless it’s my own mess that i left on the lab bench.]

top 5 reasons to love mondays [for me, anyway]
♥ the laundry is done — the ultimate in wardrobe choices!

♥ feeling well-rested from a weekend of good sleep

♥ email inboxes are cleaned out + i get to plan out a new week of lab activities

♥ it’s a brand new planner page = life feels manageable and any transgressions of the week prior are forever behind me

♥ staci’s 5:30 pm yoga class at blue point [in reality, i can’t attend this class most weeks due to endocrine grand rounds, but we don’t have it — this week or the next!

good enough for me.

cooking frenzy
yesterday afternoon, i decided to get a jumpstart on the week and make several items ahead of time. i ended up spending nearly 3 hours in the kitchen, but by the time i had finished i had made:

✔ brown rice [ahead of time to go with tonight’s dinner]

✔ fruit salad [from super natural every day]

✔ bran muffins [also from SNED] [ha, SNED! i like it.]

✔ basil pesto [for a tuesday recipe, also from SNED]

plus last night’s dinner + today’s lunch, which you will see below!

other sunday highlights
taking psychology tests:

true: i do love a good hosting opportunity

finding cute sale jeans @ my favorite store:

colored denim, i love that you’re back.
listening to the arcade fire on sound opinions:

. . . and considering a potential trip back to paradise:

ie: here.

the odds of winning $100 are still great on the degree/blogHer giveaway! make sure to swing by + check it out.



workout: 25 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes weights at my apartment gym [squats, pushups, lunges, bicep curls, tricep dips], and then 20 minutes of yoga [vinyasa flow from baron baptiste] plus a long headstand session on my own.

SNED meets clean eating mag
turns out, they get along nicely.

mixed green salad w/ strawberries + CE’s coriander-fennel trout

check out the link for heidi swanson’s ridiculously simple [yet amazingly delicious] salad recipe as featured on a very pretty [and new-to-me] food blog, eat make read. of note, i used flounder instead of trout as the local WF was out of the latter; it grilled up nicely on the stovetop with a grill pan!

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