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July 1, 2011

a new era

as the bright + shiny new interns appeared in the hospital yesterday, i spent the day performing the on-call inpatient duties for the last time as a first year fellow. kind of sad, since there was so much ENERGY there — it would have been a fun time to stay on service! but i’m also kind of glad to be done for now. it seems crazy to me that i won’t be doing another weekday inpatient/pager shift until november! [i will still be on-call and covering the inpatient side on 1/3 of the weekends, friday night to monday AM].

instead, i will be spending about 70-80% of my time in a research lab [and i’m actually off-campus — so not even at duke] and the other 20-30% doing outpatient clinic/follow-ups with a portion of required didactic sessions sprinkled throughout.

it’s definitely a different world. i will be much more in charge of my own schedule and will have control over my routine [yay!]. this always sounds great at first, but then i often struggle with how to best use my time. i also feel MUCH more competent in the clinical setting than the research one, but maybe finally getting to spend an extended stretch in the lab will help me with this.

new month = new goals

other updates
MY CAR IS HEALED. thanks to a very hard-working husband who spent his vacation time cleaning up my [accidental] mess, the interior is dry and looks essentially as good as new. and perhaps an important lesson on attention to detail and the interaction between stress/attention was picked up in the process.

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☑ i had forgotten that i had scheduled this:

☑ the new kicks are an instant hit:

open agenda wedges for walking clomping about town
. . . or around our apartment
time to get onto the yoga mat so i can make good on those july goals! [very] happy 3-day-weekend FRIDAY!

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