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July 14, 2011

question for me:
yesterday, meredith dared to ask . . .

Hey Sarah! Just wondering, how many notebooks do you have going at any given time? Do they each have distinct purposes? Hope your day at the lab goes well!

the answer that i came up with was 7, not counting my [paper] address book. organized? crazy? you decide!

5/7 live at home; 2 live in the lab
1 is my planner [aka my paper brain]. you’ve all seen that before!

2 is a little binder [from russell + hazel] i use for basic info on endocrine topics. i had wanted it to be a wards-survival type of collection, but instead it turned out to be more for studying and collecting background info. i actually stopped using it midway through last year when my time/desire for studying started waning, but i’m bringing it back now that i’m on the more relaxed lab schedule.

3 is a cute orla kiely notebook that i use for personal writing — brainstorming, journaling, and the like.

4 is my lab notebook. it is a big lab-supplied graph-paper lab notebook — nothing fancy, but it does the job! it resides in the lab and is filled with lists of data, protocols, graphs of results, etc. i try to keep it really organized because i often have to go back to something MONTHS after i left it due to my on-again/off-again schedule. i also like having all of my results in there so that when my PI comes by i have something physical to show him!

5 is a quo vadis book with leather-like cover that i was kindly sent for review from exaclair. i bring this notebook to lectures and conferences to take notes. i do not generally refer back to these notes, but they serve three purposes:

— to prevent me from falling asleep [seriously]
— i find i retain things much more when i write them down. something magical in bringing spoken words –> paper in a concise format, perhaps?
— every once in a blue moon, there IS something i want to look up — so at least this way the possibility is there!

6 is the page-per-week calendar i wrote about earlier this week. i guess it’s not really a notebook, since i recycle each page as i finish with it, but it’s another paper tool of mine that is currently getting heavy use.

7 is this hardback blue book that is given to all members of our department to track patient calls and items to follow up. i use it heavily when on call and it serves as a backup medicolegal document for the numerous patient phone calls we get. [ie: not every single insulin dose adjustment gets logged officially in the electronic medical record, but at least i have something written down].

obviously the contents of this book are off-limits to the internet!

so, there you have it. i’ve thought about consolidating, but really i can’t think of a great way to do this. i do not carry all of them around with me but instead just what i need for the day [today: my planner will go into my bag, and perhaps the orange lecture book]. what do you think: is 7 ridiculous? does anyone have MORE? i’m curious!

question for you: who’s got a Y chromosome??
i have gotten emails from a couple of male readers recently and it got me wondering . . . how many of you are out there?? i’m guessing there are more than the 9 men that i know of [of note, that figure includes josh, my dad, my father-in-law, and 3 friends]. give me a shout-out in the comments if you have a Y chromosome — it can be anonymous!

thanks, leo
i feel like this post was a response to my own post yesterday. just replace ‘washing dishes’ with isolating RNA!



no cooking — instead, dinner was some leftovers . . . and some loYo. ahhh.

workout: yoga class with the lovely susannah — taught by alicia at BP. alicia is a new teacher and an EXTREMELY talented yogi [seriously — amazing] and she did a great job!

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