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July 16, 2011

on-call saturday

“ED – lidocaine??” refers to seeing if i can ‘borrow’ some so that josh can remove a splinter currently embedded deeply in my thumb. exciting times around here!
i suppose it means something that i’ve reached a certain level of comfort where i feel okay hosting a dinner party while on page! truthfully, taking call in short weekend stretches [3 nights/2 days] is really SO much easier than the 177-consecutive hours of holding the pager while on service.

aka: there are good things about being in the lab. slowly, i am getting this!

another attempt at unplugging . . .
i have to admit i have been overdosing on my google reader lately, even with good books to read and plenty of other things to do.

therefore, my goal for the next 21 days [for optimum habit formation!] is to limit my online browsing time to 30 minutes daily, and to limit all email checks to 4x/day [unless more are required for work]. day one is tomorrow since i am sure i am already over for today!

it’s not that i am becoming a hermit or that i’m not getting the things done that i need to do; it’s just that there are other things i’d rather be doing with my time. reading blogs and online articles can be fun, but can also be a mindless ‘escape’ activity — just as bad as TV. admittedly, for me it’s even worse sometimes, since it’s so easy to make comparisons and actually stir up negative feelings while reading blogs. this is not as likely to happen with the glee project.

best show ever, by the way. i’m currently rooting for cameron!
real world events!
beyond the internet + TV, there are actually other things going on out there this summer! [i KNOW, right!??]. yesterday, [admittedly while online], i discovered a slew of upcoming summer concerts in our area. shows i am potentially interested in:

adele would also have been a no-brainer, but i have a wedding to attend that night!
obviously, i will not go to all of these, but i’m glad to have done the research! i am already going to bon iver at the end of this month, and i’m thinking about fleet foxes + wilco, at the very least.

all right, off to DETACH from this screen and start scheming tonight’s dinner party menu! happy saturday!!



workout: another 30 minute run [the weather was too perfect not to get out in] + 60 minute yoga express class with jennifer @ BP. again, she worked us HARD! i find her class a little bit harder to follow since i am not as used to her style, but i am slowly adjusting to it and i love her challenging flows.

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