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August 15, 2011

joining 2011

from this:

“hey, 2006 called and said they want your phone back”

to THIS:

now, that’s more like it!

yesterday, we went to the verizon store and came home with an iPhone 4! BUT — it was for josh. #(*$@#!? so i am still rocking the 2006 [fine, it may have been 2007] model above. and i have to admit — it still works! as a phone, anyway.

in all seriousness, josh’s phone broke and we decided to finally get with modern times and upgrade. but since there’s no urgency on my part, i’m holding out for the 5! i STILL don’t think a smartphone is ‘necessary’, but i’m beginning to see how it could come in handy.

maybe. a little.

just watch me eat my words in a few months when i have my own version. heh.


this is the week of the HLS, which is super-exciting! but it’s also a week i HAVE to get a lot of work done. on friday, out of the blue, my PI [lab boss] asked me to co-author a preview [short review article that introduces another paper] to be published in cell metabolism. that is NOT an opportunity to be turned down, so of course i accepted. but i was given only 12 days to get in my first draft. um, that’s not a lot of time?

especially since i just spent the last two of them on the couch, pretty much. but today, it’s down to business. i will lay out a work schedule, do some outlining, and really get started on the project. i think i am also going to attempt to work from home! we have an afternoon meeting, so to me there doesn’t seem to be much point in heading to the lab [opposite direction from meeting] just so i can sit there and do what i could be doing sitting right here.

hopefully it will be more productive for me than it was for him . . .[source]

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