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August 19, 2011

an easy trip

a few months ago, heather hinted to me that i’d be excited for this year’s HLS location. i figured it had to be in NC — what could be more convenient? but when i found out it was philadelphia, i was even more excited! a trip home and girls’ weekend [that’s what i consider this to be, pretty much!] all in one? perfect.

instead of having to navigate an unfamiliar subway system, my dad picked me up at the airport! i will be staying [with roommate allie!] at the official hotel site for friday and saturday nights just for convenience, but got to spend last night hanging out at my old home.

photos by allie. wish i could hire her!!

nothing like kicking my [not-yet-swollen] feet up and letting my mom + dad make dinner for me 🙂 for details on our feast [and prettier food pictures than i have ever taken], see her recap.

plus, being a local, it was fun to show her the sights. she requested a viewing of the liberty bell, so we went first thing. i don’t think i’ve been there since elementary school, so it was fun to play tourist! did you know it cracked the very first time it was rung?

adds character, i guess . . . another borrowed photo

the second national treasure we hit was, of course, anthro. ha! also: lululemon, american apparel, and a fro-yo joint [urgent craving].

i may or not have picked up this shirt, even if my days to wear it are numbered. i did size up for a [future] bump!

maternity, schmaternity


sometimes i feel silly discussing the HLS. it definitely sounds sort of cheesy, and there are certainly many that agree [have to admit, the idea of an “unhealthy living summit” is hilarious, plus this was shelby‘s doing and she’s awesome!].

but in the end, this gathering really isn’t about a bunch of recreational runners and yogis gathering around heaping bowls of oatmeal, even if that does tend to happen. it’s about connecting with other bloggers — some of which i’ve known on-line and off for years now. this year, i’m excited to meet a lot of new faces, too.

it’s often a struggle to write recaps since EVERYYYYYYYYONE seems to be posting exactly the same thing — so i’ll do what i can to keep things interesting for the next 2-3 days . . . suggestions [shelby??] are welcome!

infertility twin!?

i wanted to take a moment to mention jen, who might as well be my in/fertility twin. she wrote a post today on what finally may have helped her to get pregnant [she’s now 23 weeks, and looking fantastic!].

i am in NO way saying that the slow way down on running, gain a few lbs, and take letrozole/anastrozole is a magic formula for everyone struggling with infertility — of course that isn’t the case! but . . . i think it may be for some. it took me at least a year and a half to begrudgingly accept that this could be the case with me, and another year to truly believe it.

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