hurricane preparations have begun

August 26, 2011

irene is coming

i have clinic today. yay! it’s always a refreshing change from the lab and is almost a novelty these days when i see patients only 3 days per month [well, plus some weekends]!

weather maps are the new oatmeal shots

the question is: will anyone actually show up!?

durham is where the star is, so perhaps we won’t be getting the brunt of the storm, but they are still predicting the winds to be quite strong [up to 105 mph] and for a high flood potential. my guess is that most local patients will show up, actually, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the no-show rate is a bit higher than usual, especially if people are coming from farther east. and i definitely don’t blame them!

HURRICANE FEVER has officially hit NC — and looking at the map, perhaps it’s for good reason. i’m actually on call this weekend but really hoping that i won’t have to go in on saturday when the storm is raging outside [if it does, anyway!].

i did stock up on supplies:

essentials: hydration + nausea relief

i also got some [non-raw] sushi that looked like it had been through a hurricane:

still tasted good, though

and some other crucial storm ‘equipment’:

oh no, if there’s a power outage, we’ll just HAVE to finish it . . .

catch-up weekend

i hope the power stays on and the pager stays [fairly] quiet because i have SO much to catch up on this weekend. i realize that i have a reputation as being somewhat organized, but trust me — things fall apart for me, too. and currently, they have. i could blame my nausea and fatigue . . . and yeah, i think i will. it’s been a rough week! but hopefully the magical saltines will help me get my life back on track.

planner envy

even though i LOVE my journal J planner, sometimes i get sad that there’s no reason to have more than one in a given year. just look at these pretty + preppy designs from sarah pinto:

planners are a reasonable $20 and notebooks are on sale for $5!

i love the practical weekly spread with the ‘to-do’ box for each day

if anyone goes for it and buys one of these, you will have to let me know how it works out so that i can live vicariously!

happy friday + stay dry on this hurricane weekend!

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