in need of a nap

August 21, 2011


i’m think i’m too old for this. or too tired for this. [or too pregnant — although i definitely can’t use that excuse given attendees sabrina, gina, and heather.]

just trying to capture the mayhem that is 200+ extroverted + excited women in one place

in all seriousness, the HLS was so much fun — but it’s also exhausting! i loved getting to meet new bloggers [local, far away, old, and new] — but somehow all of the fatigue and non-nausea i enjoyed for most of the weekend seems to have caught up to me.

i do have a few fun fresh ideas for posts, and a million feeds to add to my google reader. i don’t know if i’ll be able to attend again [unless next year’s event is in NC — meghann, what do you say?] but i’m really glad i went for #3. more to follow, but just a few photos before i settle in for some down time with the ‘rents in PHL before my flight!

saturday night

as the official festivities wound down, a small group of us headed out to dinner at kanella, just a few blocks from our hotel. beforehand, allie and heather got their cameras warmed up at reading terminal:

taking photos of photographers cracks me up!

kanella is a “greek/cypriot kitchen”, featuring plenty of fresh in-season vegetables, seafood, delicious dips, flatbread, and lots of [pasteurized! yay!] feta cheese.

with lovely tablemates JT and valerie:

we found out at the end of our meal that “the chef does not allow food photography” — but uhhhh, it was too late. i hope they don’t mind this little review, since i absolutely loved the cuisine. JT and i shared the following:

bread with tahini dip to start / flatbread appetizer with goat cheese, greek yogurt, eggplant, olive caponata, and fresh apricots

stuffed calamari [rice + pine nuts in the middle] / watermelon, feta, and arugula salad

it was a bit loud, but i really enjoyed eating at kanella — and would definitely go again when we’re in the area. i know josh would have loved it, too, but he was too busy rocking out to don’t stop believin’ — without me.

important notice

GLEE PROJECT FINALE TONIGHT!! [apparently i’m the only one who watches this, but i love it!].


i have no idea who will win!! sort of hoping for alex but anyone but lindsay would be fine with me . . .


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