weekend update

August 28, 2011

good . . .morning?

i SWEAR i was a morning person. not so long ago, i probably would have had this post up hours ago with a long run report, mile splits included. today, i’m still in sleepwear and have JUST rounded up enough energy to write this post. i did manage to eat cereal for breakfast and i’m already on round 1 of saltines; i am not exaggerating when i say that the only times i truly feel nausea-free are when there is actually food in my mouth being consumed.


i did manage to write down the above to-do list, and to be honest if i manage to accomplish everything on this list, it would be miraculous and amazing. josh has been very helpful as of late, doing a lot of the general apartment upkeep, but he is at work today and i really would love to at least try to get through some of my usual weekend tasks. i’m also on call, so one variable in addition to my nausea/fatigue levels is what happens on the local pediatric endocrine scene today.

i’m just going to keep an open mind, move at my own pace, and be incredibly grateful that i have this problem to deal with!! i can also take comfort in the fact that this is normal.

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