new month

September 1, 2011


usually, i’m surprised when another month has passed. but not this time.

august felt like it was moving at the speed of molasses at times — a combination of heat + nausea + fatigue + that agonizing wait before the first ultrasound, i suppose. but this morning, i woke up and JUST LOOK AT THE TEMP!

a fleeting taste of fall . . . sort of

i’m not even feeling as nauseated as usual today, which is great on some levels but actually worries me [even though i should probably get a grip].

things i am excited about this month

trip to LA!


for better or for worse, we’re going next weekend! [josh has a conference so i’m tagging along friday – monday]. i better enjoy it because september 12 will be the last vacation day i will EVER have in my fellowship [maternity leave will suck up the rest for the next 2 years].

return of good TV! i’m already going through glee project withdrawal, but glee itself will return, as will modern family and my ridiculous guilty-pleasures-series, desperate housewives and grey’s.

manny is my favorite! [source]

transitional weather well, maybe. sometimes it just seems like another month of summer here, but we may get some crisp mornings [like today!] that are definitely a breath of fresh air. perfect running weather in the mornings — can’t ask for much more.

great for more walking-distance restaurant exploration . . .yes this is our downtown!

exiting the 1st trimester maybe — it depends on which definition you use! i do have my big nuchal translucency ultrasound this month [september 26, at almost 13 weeks] and i can’t wait to have that behind me.

via calculator from baby2see: here

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