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September 30, 2011

some things
✰ i cannot show you my time diary from yesterday because the amount of sleep i am getting is simply embarrassing. but awesome!

✰ i have now completed two lessons of rosetta stone and can state with pride:

el niño come una manzana [source]
how very useful! hopefully the next lesson will teach me to ask, “and how much insulin did you bolus for that manzana?”

we’re moving!! i know, we just did. but we are currently in a 1-bedroom apartment which is no bueno [sorry, can’t help myself] for our future addition and so we’ll be packing up and toting our stuff . . . 4 doors down the hall to a very similar 2-bedroom. HA! i think this one will be pretty easy.

✰ just a few more days until the unveiling of the new iPhone [which i am planning on getting and FINALLY leaving my archaic little flip phone behind]. an important question: will this case fit the 5?

beautiful case found here via the well-appointed desk

what i ate thursday
WIAW [what i ate wednesday] is all the rage these days, so of course i had to come up a day late & dollar short by doing this yesterday. i have had a couple requests for a food blog: pregnant edition, so i thought i’d do this a few times just to put it out there.

warning: it was a chip + cheese-heavy day. it happens! and now you have proof.

breakfast: the usual

ezekiel cinnamon-raisin english muffin, almond butter, apple + cinnamon
i still can’t believe i ever had a nut butter aversion. so bizarre!

post-3 mi run:

about 75/25 water/OJ mix [natural gatorade!] + chewable prenatals
these vitamins are much kinder to my GI tract but still have all of the iron and folate necessary. win-win!

lunch at our work cafeteria:

salad [lots of veg + cheese + eggs + beans + honey-mustard dressing] + pita chips

MORE chips:

with salsa as i was doing my spanish lesson! it just felt right.
PS: these cantina chips are absolutely delicious. they were an impulse buy on the way home yesterday but i have no regrets.

dinner: beer is okay in the 2nd trimester, right?

beef + veg enchiladas — see below for recipe
KIDDING!!!! that’s josh’s [loaded] plate. and his beer. and i still don’t miss alcohol one bit! [sushi is another story.]


some green vegetables would have made this plate much prettier, but i wasn’t in the mood for more salad. plus, the enchilada did have lots of veg. packed inside!

aaaand, that’s it! when you pass out at 8:30 pm, there’s really no need for any sort of ‘late night’ snack. i will plan on doing this again at some point, preferably on a day that chips do not make up such a solid component of my daily nutrition [or lack thereof].



workout: my usual ~ 3 mi loop in 32 minutes. one day i will actually use my footpod and see how long this path actually is!

easy flexible enchiladas
i decided to freestyle it on these enchiladas last night and made up my own recipe. they were supposed to be vegetarian, but there’s a very scary meat-counter guy at our local whole foods who gave me 1 lb of [grass fed + local] ground beef instead of the 1/2 lb i asked for. since he has anger management issues and yelled at me the last time i had to tell him, “i said XYZ, not ABC” i just kept the extra 1/2 lb.

i figured it would make josh happy, anyway. and it did.

these babies are super-quick to whip up and very flexible. i mean, how can you go wrong if you throw it into a baked tortilla and smother with enchilada sauce + cheese?

you can’t. these are pre-oven
i took a cue from shelby and posted it online here so that it would look super official!

next time i’ll try a black-bean version
but i’m keepin’ the cheese.

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