thoughts, questions, and hearts

September 23, 2011

thoughts + debates
when to push?
perhaps yesterday’s post suggests that my answer would be ‘never’, but today i’m not so sure. last night, josh mentioned one of the residents on his team, a former classmate of mine that is now 35-week pregnant. working surgical residency hours. if she can do that, maybe i should be able to drag my lazy butt into yoga post-work?

i have a long history of pushing. pushing to finish projects, to survive residency, to study for exams, to train for marathons — etc. i like to work hard. or . . . liked? perhaps this is just my body’s way of preparing me for a time when the day’s structure will no longer be under my control.

regardless, i think there is a balance to be found here. i will continue searching!

paid reviews: are they okay?
one of the reasons i didn’t write anything yesterday morning was that i was actually completing a paid review for a product [to be posted on a later date]. every couple of months, blogher will offer these opportunities [here’s an example from a blogger i respect a great deal!] for a compensated post featuring a sponsored product. if the product sounds reasonable [ie, something i am likely to truly like] then i will usually take the bait. honestly, i do it because i spend a fair amount of time writing here and it is rewarding to get a little return on my time investment. it’s also nice that sometimes the reviews come with great prize giveaways [$100 gift cards!] that i probably wouldn’t be able to offer on my own.

you will always know if a post is a paid review because i will state so clearly at the top — we are required to! i actually think that a paid/sponsored post is more straightforward than a freebie ‘giveaway’ [where the author receives some product for free WITHOUT compensation] because it is more clear that it is an advertisement. however, i still have some mixed feelings about putting content that is ‘sponsored’ on my site.

so: this is a little bit out in left field, but i think i will assuage these feelings by giving a portion of my earnings to sponsor a child in africa! can anyone recommend a good, reliable organization?

baby toms: when can i buy these!??

silver is kinda unisex . . . right?

[i’m kidding and will not start buying baby outfits just yet. but after the anatomy scan . . . watch out.]

2 dinners: now + later!
wednesday night: buffalo chicken thighs + buttermilk blue cheese smashed potatoes

thursday night: salad with leftover buffalo chicken, tomatoes, avocado, celery, cucumbers, blue cheese, and light ranch dressing [this one]

YUM. i’m not sure which version i liked best! josh informed me that he can no longer eat any chicken other than breast meat because it is ‘too anatomical’, but i was craving dark meat [needing iron?] and loved both dinners.

friday link luv
♥ i liked gretchen rubin’s very honest happiness project blog post on the ways she aims to improve her marriage. i think that these ‘little things’ are crucially important in any long-lasting relationship, but particularly one as incredibly cherished and important as married partners. i also think i am guilty of some similar things [i like my gold stars, too!] and she makes some great points. i am super-excited for her next book to come out [it’s supposed to be a happiness project focused on home life!]

♥ HOW was i not reading the oatmeal before!?? this cartoon site is BRILLIANT. i laughed out loud while perusing the archives last night. check out popular posts or the latest state of the web. love it!

♥ i discovered beautiful australian stationery site kikki-k through deliciously organized.

HELLO, australian stationery – where have you been all my life? however, i was dismayed to see a $70 shipping charge for north american orders. guess it’s a ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of shopping experience for those of us in the northern hemisphere — but still worth checking out!