time audit: day 1

September 29, 2011

time audit stats: day 1
it’s said in quantum physics that observation affects reality: meaning that the very act of examining something tends to impact some change on what it is that you’re looking at. and that’s pretty much ALL i remember from my pre-med physics class, but it’s a good point nevertheless!

case in point: yesterday.

i would be lying if i said the messiness of this handwriting didn’t bother me slightly
i managed to work out, spent a neat and reasonable 8.5 hours at work, and spend less than 1 hour total on the computer doing non-productive [but fun] things. i even managed to clean up the kitchen! whether it’s the magic of observation or the fact that things aren’t as dire as i had thought — i’ll take it, either way. and so the audit continues [i plan to last 1 week!].

random tidbits i need to share
◼ i spotted this huffington post article on gina‘s blog entitled ‘what you should never say to a pregnant woman’ and i’m already bracing myself for a long next 6 months.

most obnoxious awkward comment made to me thus far: [after finding out from a fellow lab member] “oh, yay, you’re pregnant! i was sort of thinking today that your thighs looked bigger!”

um. THANKS. [and for the record, i don’t really think they are. at least not yet.]

◼ speaking of expanding body parts, gap is having a sale online — 30% off until 10/2! which means that gapmaternity is having a sale, too. and from what i’ve heard, this is a great source for jeans/pants that are as flattering as clothing can get when . . . well, you know.

◼ i don’t know what this has to do with anything [in my defense, i did say ‘random’] but i need to make these as soon as possible. thanks, shelby!

walking distance restaurant review # ??
i was going to cook last night, but our friend noah wanted to hang out and we decided to head out instead. we actually wanted to get vietnamese but were crushed to find out that kim son is CLOSED. so sad! so, afghani it was at bread and kebob.

distance: 0.3 miles

cost: $8/person for the unlimited buffet, which included a number of vegetable dishes [spinach, curry, green beans, salad] and two chicken curries + flatbread and rice pudding.

service: very nice + super-friendly!

food: i was SO ready for dinner when we arrived, and i assembled the following plate:

spinach, lentil curry, two types of chicken curry, an eggplant dish [favorite!], spinach basmati rice and flatbread
i demolished it. it all tasted delicious BUT was on the oily/rich side, and a pretty significant food coma hit me very shortly after finishing this plate. i did manage to try some rice pudding which was a little too sweet for me. josh had 2 FULL plates and it also hit him pretty hard so i would say proceed with caution as dishes are richer than they first appear!

however, it was inexpensive and tasty, so i would go back with perhaps a little more self-restraint 🙂



workout: 30 minutes elliptical intervals

cooking: nope, see above. but tonight it’s homemade enchiladas or bust!