amazing saturday!

October 23, 2011

just wow
i could have written out a [completely fictional and fantastical] plan for THE BEST DAY EVER and it would have looked something like yesterday! seriously, i continue to feel so lucky these days — almost like i never thought life could get this good.

yesterday, i woke up and enjoyed a lovely 4.25 mile run [~ 10 min miles] along the tobacco trail in perfect fall weather. shortly thereafter, josh and his parents [b + s] took me shopping for maternity clothes.

as you can see, b is quite excited at even the earliest evidence of grandchild #5
we made the rounds in the mall and i felt like a preggo princess.

that bump surely has progressed quickly . . .
okay, KIDDING on that one — it’s a fake! but i do look pretty happy to wear it, huh?

the real [17 week] deal:

small by comparison but feels substantial to me!
i ended up coming home with 3 work dresses, 1 holiday dress [sale find!], some long-sleeved tops, leggings, and a sweater. it looks like i’ll be traipsing around the hospital [i will be working there from november through january] in a lot of comfy dresses, tights, and boots. can’t wait! the only thing i still need [i think] is a coat:

hmm, $90 – $20 off coupon = pretty sweet deal if it fits!
thank you b + s for the amazingly fun + productive shopping trip yesterday!

and if that weren’t enough . . .
dr. s [one of our best friends + my official ultrasounder!] turned 31 last month, and his girlfriend k wanted to celebrate in style. months and months ago, k [a fully-trained sommelier] asked josh and i if we would be interested in attending a sumptuous, multicourse dinner in the angus barn wine cellar to celebrate. the event was to feature wines from beaucastel [a famous vineyard/winery in the chateauneuf-du-pape region] and paired courses.

at the time, i was not pregnant, and had no idea how long it would be until i was. we decided to go, but i told her that what i REALLY hoped was that i would end up being the designated driver by necessity!

one advantage to my current status: NO hangovers, ever.
while i did miss out on some amazing wine [so i hear . . .], i am so happy about how it turned out! we all had a great time and i did sip [one microsip] one wine that was rumored to be worth $1200/bottle. i think i’ll be happy to tell our daughter that was her first taste of alcohol someday! the food was fantastic, and the scene was interesting, to say the least [a few very drunk attendees MAY have gotten kicked out — oh the drama].

today, it’s back to normal with a LOT of cleaning/chores to do — despite my best intentions, our apartment is nearing disaster status yet again. but i have all day and plan on plenty of relaxing as well. life is good. i have no complaints. OB appointment tomorrow — hopefully everything will continue looking up! happy sunday to all . . .