dream sequence

October 30, 2011

magic sleep

4:25 AM: pager goes off. it’s a completely legitimate 4am page, so i don’t mind. plus, i’d MUCH rather get paged at 4:30 AM than 11 PM — by that point, sleep cycles are much shorter and you don’t miss out on the important restorative deep-sleep from the early evening.

the call required getting up out of bed, as i had to discuss an incoming patient with an outside ER nearly 3 hours away and needed to look up some info first. when i finished, i was incredibly thankful for 2 reasons:

a) that i was no longer that person working IN the ER at 4 am

b) that i could go back to sleep for pretty much as long as i wanted, since it was a weekend. but i did wonder if i would be ABLE to fall back asleep.

8:12 AM: ahh. guess i did. i awoke in a warm bed with light streaming through the window feeling very rested [um, since i slept for 10+ hours, not really a surprise]. i did have a dream that somehow involved:

— failing a history test

— julie bowen from modern family

— jamie lynn spears + her dog

no idea HOW these pieces fit together in the dream sequence, but they were there.

anyway, enough about sleep! i hope everyone reading this managed to get a solid 8+++ hours . . . pager or no.

while we did not get the snow [!!!!] that apparently fell just a couple states north, it’s not exactly a balmy tropical paradise in NC right now:

i think fall has arrived FOR REAL.

things i am looking forward to
✔ daylight savings time!! it’s next sunday — we get to fall back and enjoy an EXTRA hour of slsep [can only imagine the dreams i’ll have THAT night]. maybe i’m the ONLY one who will be happy for brighter mornings and darker evenings, but i like the AM to be bright [by the time i head out to run, anyway] and don’t mind evening starting early.

✔ no question in my mind – we’re entering the best season for FOOD.

✔ holiday parties

already have a dress — just need an invite
✔ staying in + watching movies under a blanket because it’s too cold to feel like going anywhere. plus, uhh, i’m nesting. we practiced this yesterday — i’m sure you can guess who made this selection:

there were only minimal pager interruptions to either party
it’s exciting times around here . . .



workout: 75 minute prenatal vinyasa dvd. this was LONG! and i am sore today. jennifer wolfe does not mess around with the squats and lunges.

cooking: pizza from last week [we always freeze the leftovers!] + tomato soup + some of THESE:

an impulse buy at target and so, SO good
spanish: nope — weekends are off!

endo: i picked out and read an article for an upcoming journal club on outcomes in infants of mothers with thyroid dysfunction. now i want my own levels checked . . .

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