early day

October 18, 2011

it’s been a while
go back just 2 years or so, and 7 AM workday starts were de rigeur. for a few slightly more hardcore rotations [in pediatrics, that includes the NICU + PICU*], you were expect to arrive by 6.

gotta love toothpaste for dinner
i became a super-early riser during those days, getting up as early as 4 [!!!] to squeeze in a blog post, relaxed breakfast, and sometimes even a workout.

but now?

i sort of can’t believe i did that!

* neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, respectively

getting my mornings back
a much more leisurely start is one of the benefits of my chosen fellowship [all med students should consider pediatric endocrinology!!]. when i’m on service, most days start around 8. typically, this means that i am signing onto the pager at 8 [if not on call already] and heading out the door around that time. during the lab months, things are even more relaxed — i typically head out at 8:45 and arrive at about 9.

today, i’m shifted to a bit earlier, because i have to get to lab by 7:30 AM to do an experiment [this is a rarity]. but, it got me to thinking about how i use those precious morning hours, how that routine has changed, and how wildly different this will be with a baby [girl!!!] in the picture.

blasts from the past
residency routine

fellowship: the early days [more high strung + longer commute!]

◼ one ‘goal’ morning routine that may or may not have ever happened: it includes meditation

something like . . .

5:30 wake up
5:35 make + eat breakfast. drink tons of water. miss coffee, a little. check work + regular email. browse my favorites in google reader, thinking up a topic for blog post
6:15 write something!
6:50 spanish time!
7:10 run or gym — usually a ~30 minute workout these days, or just over that
7:50 shower / get dressed
8:10 pack lunch
8:25 finish drying hair; throw on minimal makeup
8:40 collect belongings and actually leave

likely 50,000 times more hectic with organization of my things and all of baby’s things! but at least i’ll have my whole 12 week maternity leave to think about how to get this one down.

and with that, i’m off!
to do a little spanish, shower, and GO! i may or may not be plotting to sneak in a nap later this afternoon. we’ll see!

for me, the start of each day really does set the tone in terms of my overall happiness! fitting in morning workouts probably make the most impact, but just being focused and centered gets me started on the right foot.

do you think about how your own morning routine serves you? i still think mine could be calmer, but i am happy with the level of productivity!



workout: 30 minutes elliptical while wistfully reading runner’s world — the last issue of my now-lapsed subscription. watching the half marathon this weekend made me realize that i KNOW i’ll be back eventually, though!

dinner = leftovers. such a life-saver on mondays [i never feel like cooking after sitting in meetings/conferences from 2 – 6 pm].

spanish: check

endo: more thyroid! plus we had a thyroid-themed teaching session today. this is so cheesy, but i feel like i’m learning a lot already with this textbook approach. not sure why i didn’t start this sooner . . .