goals: what works?

October 27, 2011

things i currently feel on top of
a few weeks ago, i woke up from first-tri inertia and decided that i was unhappy with my level of productivity. though i didn’t want to overwhelm myself, i created a plan to step things up on just a couple of fronts.

i set up goals for endo reading through the fall, and decided to attempt at least 20 minutes/day after work.

YES i’m up to the ambiguous genitalia chapter! that stuff is so interesting.
i finally started learning spanish with rosetta stone — just 15 minutes a day. [of note, i resolved to do this at the end of 2009 — along with a million other things. it didn’t happen until now!]

just 15 minutes of daily exposure — i needed to aim low
oddly, there has been a bit of a spillover effect. somehow, my productivity in those arenas has actually made me more likely to want to make dinner/work out/do what i’m ‘supposed’ to be doing rather than give up and splay out on the couch.

for example, i’ve been better about following my not-too-ambitious dinner prep plans:

although i’m still fairly flexible — ie, last night we had so many leftovers that cooking got pushed to tonight
and workouts are fitting more naturally into my day, though i do not currently plan them out ahead of time.

headed to the gym upon the conclusion of this post . . . and rosetta stone, of course
i also feel more productive and centered at work — at least most of the time. but i don’t really know WHY.

so i guess my questions are:

what made me suddenly feel able [even happy!] to fulfill these goals?
what accounts for the ‘spillover effect’?

i don’t really have answers to these questions, but i wouldn’t be surprised if some psychologist has studied them! i will say that making my initial goals very small and manageable made things much easier to get started with them. in addition, really looking at my schedule to make sure my ideas were realistic helped as well.

all i know is that this may be the first year in many that i don’t make 15023492 new years’ resolutions — or at least, i’ll avoid making them all simultaneously [perhaps one goal/month is a better idea!].

question for you: when have you been successful in carrying out your goals? are you a ‘change everything at once’ kind of person, or do you go with one-step-at-a-time à la leo b.?

areas i’d still like to work on
of course, there are still things i would like to work on. in no particular order . . .

✰ i would like to be nicer when i’m tired. [last night josh arrived home after 9 pm to the whiniest, most hormonal wife he could possibly imagine. sorry babe — you know i can do better!]

✰ i would still like to rush less!

✰ i would like to have a better cleaning system in place. i’m considering an attempt at some sort of flylady-style plan. we’ll see . . .

✰ i would like to read more OFF screen and less ON it.

✰ i woud like to be able to relax more — totally and completely relax, without a thought as to any sot of accomplishment

✰ i would like to stay better in touch with friends + family

✰ i would like to do more yoga and work on my flexibility.

obviously, i am NOT going to try to do all of these things at once — i think i need a few more solid weeks of meeting my previous goals before adding anything else in.

question #2 for you: what are some things — small or big — that you would like to change or add in to your lives?



workout: rest day — i needed one, as my legs felt leaden. for me, 2 days of running in a row is probably one too many during pregnancy.

dinner: los leftovers [love them].

spanish: check! now i’m excited about the prospect of finishing unit one soon.

endo: finished with polyglandular + on track for the month, as you can see above.