keeping the bar low

October 3, 2011

or low-ish, anyway
all i really wanted to do yesterday was:

✔ run on the tobacco trail in the cool temps
✔ plans next week’s meals + shop for groceries
✔ make martha‘s apple pie to bring to our friend’s house for dinner

i was also on call, so i knew that there was a chance things might get busy. luckily, it was a very slow day in the world of pediatric endocrinology yesterday — at least in our region!

so this happened:

cold-weather running gear pretty much puts the mini-bump into hiding:

i am going to be very sad when this running jacket fails to zip . . .
4 miles in 41:something — a PPDR [pregnancy personal distance record!]. i took it easy and felt great throughout this run with the exception of my uh, chest. i am anxiously awaiting some bigger/better sports bras to arrive in the mail! and i actually needed this getup — it was 40-something degrees at the start! so refreshing after a long muggy NC summer. i did have to push up my sleeves towards the end as the sun started beating down on all of that black.

and the pie . . .

dough and i don’t always get along, and i haven’t had much ‘real crust’ pie experience, so i was nervous for this one. but in the end, it looked and tasted like classic apple pie [if a bit rustic], so i was happy!

i used martha’s paté brisée recipe for the crust and her old fashioned apple pie recipe for the pie itself. next time, i’d like to get my dough even colder before rolling out because i think i could do better with my crust artistry.

and also, next time i’m going for pumpkin:

the image from martha that i will attempt to replicate!
up ahead
i ended up choosing two recipes from the edible perspective to make this week: potato soup [for tues] + veggie fried rice [for weds]. i have to say that i am somewhat inspired by all of the cozy autumnal recipes lately. because i’m not as into grilling [and it’s #*$&#@ hot], summer tends to be culinary downtime for us.

what’s your favorite fall food? i loooove pumpkin pie with a giant mound of [real, obviously] whipped cream. especially if that whipped cream is bourbon spiked. YES! although maybe not this year.

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