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October 5, 2011

thank you
for your thoughts on yesterday’s slightly melancholy post. i really appreciate the reassurance from those of you who have been there [veteran parents!] and the truth is there is SO much to be happy about in addition to anxious. i’m still chasing that elusive balance, but feeling more peaceful this morning, so that’s something. in fact, i would like to balance the deluge of worries with a smattering of good [albeit mostly minor] things that happened yesterday.

a pain-free run!
to be clear, the only pain i have been experiencing on my [short, slow] pregnant runs has been inside my sports bra. simple compression used to be fine for me, but — well, things have definitely changed.

enter juno: aka chest armor [from moving comfort]

if you are in my situation or just always tend to require lots of cushiony support, i give this sports bra high marks. it is super-pricey [$52!], but i was able to snag it on sale [i think they were phasing out the summer line — mine is a springy green] so this probably happens fairly often as colors change.

so, my run felt great and i started the day off on a positive note. YES, that’s all it takes!

work triumphs
instead of heading into the lab, i went to my clinical office [don’t be too impressed — it is shared with the other endo fellow + there are no windows!] and just cranked things out. particularly, things that were hanging over my head and torturing me quietly while i was trying to focus on lab work. i felt productive and now feel like i have a [relatively] clean slate!

AND, remember that preview paper i was so stressed about just a little while ago?

top left! and i may have chosen the title . . .
it’s out already! science-types, if you’re interested, check it out 🙂 it’s a short piece on the role of estrogen signaling in obesity that provides background for a related research paper in the issue. [and yes, that’s my full name — if anyone actually wanted to figure it out, it wouldn’t be hard, so i’m fine with it!]

a bowl of comfort
comfort was apparently the theme for the day: from the sports bra to my first foray into maternity wear [thanks to my sister-in-law!] to this warm and hearty dinner.

i used ashley‘s recipe for potato soup, as it looked fairly easy and didn’t call for too many ingredients. i did run into a problem towards the end when my immersion blender [FORMERLY my favorite kitchen appliance] just stopped working. therefore, the soup turned out on the chunky side — but i still loved the silky bites of russet potatoes in the nicely-seasoned broth.

obviously, cheese was necessary to take this bowl up a level:

just add cheese. pretty much my motto for life.
by the way, for anyone wondering why my photography is even worse than it used to be, the reason is this: i CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to take a halfway decent picture in this dark [VERY DARK] apartment after the sun goes down. it’s like i live in a den of shadows. i’ll keep working on it!

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