what makes life so sweet

October 29, 2011

it’s a cold wet mess outside.

checking out the view at gretchen rubin’s latest suggestion
i’m on call.

the essentials
. . . and yet i’m still feeling completely content. cozy. HAPPY about it, even.

i have the ingrid michaelson station playing on pandora . . .

and i’m not planning to go outside for at least a few hours.

the exciting plans
♥ laundry
♥ yoga dvd
♥ work on journal club presentation for 11/10
♥ eventually hit dry cleaner/tailor/target
♥ eventually round [i’ve learned to put this off because invariably i get a consult as soon as i leave the hospital!]
♥ possibly a very thrilling pantry inventory

i KNOW, right? i suppose it really is what you make of it.

That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet.
~Emily Dickinson

happy saturday — whether you’re rounding in the PICU or galavanting around disney world. might as well try to make it a good one . . .



workout: the usual 3 mi run (3.03 mi, 9:53/mi pace)

fake-out takeout cooking light’s sweet and sour shrimp is a quick answer to take-out. with pineapple and a sweet sauce [there’s actually sugar in it], it was actually a little too cloying for my tastes, but josh LOVED it [i knew he would!].

sweet & sour shrimp with brown rice
i actually left out the tofu — i love tofu, but thought that tofu PLUS shrimp was a little much. instead, i used the entire bag of frozen shrimp [hate having half bags leftover!]. other than that and adding peanuts on top, i followed the recipe as it was written. i would make it again — perhaps leaving out or halving the sugar in the sauce.

spanish: check! although i saw a spanish-speaking patient in my clinic [with interpreter of course] and realized that i have YEARS of work ahead of me. still — a little at a time is better than nothing!

endo: i read for about 5 minutes when josh called and [politely] hinted that maybe i should start making dinner if i wanted to eat with him. barefoot and pregnant [literally] i headed to the kitchen. no, in reality, he only had an hour or two to come home and knew he’d have to head back in to see new admission. i suppose i could have hit my textbook after we ate, but i turned to fake medicine on grey’s instead. it was friday night, after all.

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