WIATh, take 2

October 14, 2011

eating for 1.15
the last time i did this, i was having a strong potato chip craving. thankfully, that seems to have passed. at this point, i’m basically back to normal eating [yay!] with maybe a few preferences i didn’t have before [LOVING dairy of all kinds now, for example].

in terms of energy needs, a pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester needs about 300 extra calories compared to pre-pregnancy. this is not a huge difference — in fact, it’s close to the difference between a run day and a rest day for me, and is WAYYYYY less than used to be required for marathon training. furthermore, the importance of choosing nutrient-rich foods seems heightened, since there is now someone else dependent on all of the vitamins/etc that i consume. so, i guess what i’m getting at is that i am actually more mindful of what i’m eating now than i was before — and i’m happy to be wanting a lot of healthy foods.

a day in the [consumed] life:

★ 5:30 am – breakfast

yep, the usual. with a large [unpictured] glass of water + my prenatal vitamins.
★ 10:00 am – snack

eaten between the myriad centrifuge steps of RNA prep
★ 12:00 pm – lunch — last night’s dinner, packed up to go!

photo is from the previous night – i did not get to eat at home, although that would have been lovely
★ 5:30 pm – snack back at home while doing my studying for the day

cottage cheese [full-fat – just TRY IT] + orange pepper/cucumbers
★ 8:00 pm – dinner, courtesy of the daily garnish‘s curried potatoes with peas.

with yogurt + some jyoti matar paneer on the side
emily‘s recipe worked beautifully, by the way. it was my first time using coconut oil [free sample from the HLS] and it added a great exotic flavor to the potatoes. some spicy chutney or lime pickle would have been great for serving, but we didn’t have any around.

and that’s it! no chips, lots of dairy, and [in my opinion] pretty healthy. i tend to be a little hungrier on running days [yesterday i did some yoga but no run] and definitely indulge in ‘junkier’ foods more on the weekends*. it all seems to be adding up decently because every time josh comes in the door he seems surprised by how pregnant i look these days.

* for example, i think tonight may be burrito night. or pizza . . .

coming up!
♥ update on my internet ban
♥ the requested hypothalamic amenorrhea [from an endocrine perspective] post
♥ adapting to the iPhone [ahhhh!]
♥ ??? [your requests here!]



workout: 45 minute vinyasa yoga dvd [prenatal]. i sweat when i do this video – there are some seriously challenging lower body strength moves! unfortunately, i also seem to have strained my arm/shoulder doing something [not sure, but it may have been the weights on monday], and this dvd aggrevated it. apparently, this whole ‘relaxin’ thing is no joke!

español: check — i greeted josh with ‘nosotros son médicos’ and he was impressed.

reading: finished the neonatal thyroid chapter! one down . . .

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