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November 12, 2011

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the hardest part about being on the pager for a long stretch [currently 15 hours down, 153 to go!] is that there’s not a single protected minute when you can count on it NOT going off.

it doesn’t matter if you’re showering, running, driving, or chopping up raw chicken [i feel like my phone always rings when my hands are covered in germy nastiness. anyone else?]. at any given moment, it probably WON’T go off . . . but it might.

if you’re going to carry a pager, the pediatric endocrine pager is probably not a bad one to have. yes, there will be diabetes calls and late night consultations from outside ERs [last night’s was timed ever-so-conveniently at 1:30 am]. but i’m sure the frequency of its beeps and buzzes are far lower than that of, say, the adult oncology pager or something like that. i think josh and i get paged at similar frequency when we are on home call, but when his rings in the middle of the night he often has to go in. i almost never do.

but i refuse to live life in 2-week pager-free stretches. i can still have an enjoyable week with interruptions here and there! and that includes today.

[note: pager just went off with a NICU consult. and it’s okay. breathing . . .]

♥ run.

♥ answer pages.

♥ round. consults / etc. however long it takes, it will take.

♥ double date night out to dinner with sue and her husband at lantern – one of my absolute favorites. the pager will be 5th wheel. but i can deal.

that’s it.

i think aiming kind of low is going to save me today.



workout: 30 minutes elliptical

the omelette-master strikes again:

spinach + plenty of cheddar: simple, comforting, wonderful
after greeting me in the doorway with, “oh my god, you look very pregnant!”, he had to redeem himself somehow. luckily, his omelettes never fail.

espanol: si.

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