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November 26, 2011

9 hours
for better or for worse, 9 hours of sleep seems to be the magic number for me these days. i feel ready to actually do things today, as opposed to yesterday. i was on call from home for most of the day, but ended up indulging in the laziest day i can recall in months — seriously! no workouts, little movement of ANY sort, and just a lot of time planted on either the couch or the bed or a chair. there was even a long midday nap included. i think the most strenuous task i undertook was consuming the last slice of pecan pie [it was hard work, but someone had to do it].

and it felt great.

black friday?
one thing [among many] that i did not do yesterday was to go shopping. admittedly, it’s easier to resist the sales when maternity clothes are one’s only option for the time being — just NOT as fun as anthro, no matter how you slice it. but frenzied gift-buying is also not my scene. i tend to do a lot of my gift-season shopping online, and over the years i’ve really tried to focus more on consumable and/or practical gifts [i wrote about this last year, too].

because the thing is: i’m not at all anti-gift. gifts are one of life’s many pleasures — both to give AND receive [right now i’m sitting on a birthday surprise for josh that makes me giddy whenever i think about it]. it’s just that i’m anti-clutter, anti-waste, somewhat anti-big-box-retail, and anti-shopping-in-a-frenzied mob.

here are some things i’m considering as gifts this year . . .

gourmet coffees or teas [or chocolate! or cheese! or wine!]

washi 2-tin gift set from teavana, $25
luxury bath & body products

citron de vigne shower gel from fresh, $18.50
something like this WILL get used, and it will bring a little dash of happiness to the giftee every time she [he?] gets in the shower.

hard-working academic on the list?

can’t go wrong with useful + fabulous stationery supplies in my opinion! gel-pen set at jetpens, $32
magazine subscription: a gift that keeps on giving, all year round!
great for a gym-goer who reads during workouts. yoga journal at amazon = currently just $5!
a llama.

or a pig, goat, rabbits . . . these animals from heifer international help fight hunger and poverty worldwide

i included links, but it’s even better if you can purchase gifts like the above from local merchants, something i would like to do more of [it’s just so tempting to check off my shopping list with a few thoughtful clicks!].

what’s on your gift list this year? or your own personal wish list? personally, i don’t really feel like i need or want anything right now other than baby-related items [which i haven’t really even started to think about in any practical sense].

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