November 2, 2011

sitting here trying to think of something to write about [sometimes that happens], i felt something. a little tiny popping thing in the location of my uterus. i’ll never have proof, but i’m wondering if it was the first detectable kick!?

it’s true: the road to a baby feels like the world’s longest waiting game sometimes! our baby girl is due to arrive in early april 2012 [although late march would be JUST fine with me] and i have been at least thinking about the possibility of having her since i stopped my seasonale in january 2009. that’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

8-cell human embryo [source]
wait #1: to ovulate just once –> ~ 1.5 years
wait #2: to conceive –> 1 year [ie, 2.5 years total]
wait #3: to confirm rising betas –> a week
wait #4: to see the heartbeat –> 2 more weeks
wait #5: to get to the magical 2nd tri + NT scan –> 6 weeks
wait #6: to get to anatomy scan + find out baby’s sex –> 5 weeks [except we cheated here and made it 3]
wait #7: to feel baby move –> still not sure!
wait #8: to get to viability –> 5-6 more weeks
wait #9: to pass the scary window of ‘viable but would be VERY VERY VERY SICK’ –> 5-6 more weeks [to the 3rd tri]
wait #10: to go into labor –> 10 – 14 more weeks
wait #11 [the most physically excruciating!] to deliver –> ??? hours

and then . . .

puppy optional [source]
i’m sure waiting begins again! after all, there are SO many milestones for baby to hit, many of which are incredibly fun [smiling], life-altering [um, sleeping through the night?], exciting [first steps!!]. and by the time that happens, i’ll probably be ready to start trying for the next one.

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