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November 3, 2011

the pager project
on november 1, i mentioned my new goal of just taking a moment to breathe every time i hear the ring of my pager. i even changed the ring, knowing that hearing something a little different might help to decondition the ‘ahhh!’ response that had become pavlovian in me.

so far?

it’s working!

this was real! thank god those days are over.
it helps that the past 2 days have not been terribly busy, but they weren’t NOTHING days either [especially yesterday]. overall i am LOVING being back in the hospital. perhaps the point of having me dabble in basic science wasn’t just to reinforce how much i prefer the clinical realm, but it’s an undeniable fact. and that’s okay.

it doesn’t mean i won’t make the best of my upcoming lab time [after all, it IS more flexible and probably will be more baby friendly]. but i am 100% firm that when i am finished with fellowship [only a little over 1.5 years to go now . . . ] that i find a job where taking care of patients is my primary responsibility.

other things i would still like to incorporate in some fashion
✰ writing
✰ teaching in some fashion
✰ somehow helping trainees/other physicians to work on finding balance + being happy in their careers [although i need more experience first, it’s always something i think about]

and even with these lofty goals, i’d still like to try working part time while my baby [eventually babies, i hope] are young. at least for a while. i haven’t discussed it much, but it’s probably already time for me to start feeling around for future job options . . . yes already! since we know the area where we are headed [miami], i need to start doing some research on what might be available and get my name out there before things get filled. i can just email the practices and hospitals this blog post, right? heh.

so the last time i interviewed for a ‘real’ job [rather than applying for an academic position], i think i was 19. ummm. any advice is welcome!



workout: nada – rest day

leftovers for dinner are glorious. monday‘s mac ‘n’ cheese was still going strong.

spanish: check

reading: check. the part on 5-alpha-reductase deficiency reminded me of one of my favorite books. if you haven’t read middlesex, i definitely recommend checking it out!

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