November 28, 2011

for your thoughts and lovely comments on yesterday’s post. it was never meant to be a goodbye; just something that i’ve been thinking about lately and will likely continue to mull over. but know that your words warmed my heart regardless! for now, we will return to the regularly scheduled mind dump / life reflection space that this little blog has become for me over the years.

this weekend
contained ALL of the essential elements . . .

sleep and LOTS of it.

run in perfect weather with this american life, of course

a little retail therapy

i finally found a coat that doesn’t make me look ridiculous: voila!
it’s not the world’s warmest, but i live in NC, not wisconsin. and pregnancy = hormonal warmth + extra bonus padding to start with!

much-needed pedicure

lots of relaxing movie time josh and i spent many hours snuggling together + watching movies. and we ventured down the street [on foot — it’s super close!] to see this one at the local theater:

the way was about the journey rather than the destination . . . and was perfect for a saturday afternoon
at home, we saw everything must go [depressing but well-done] and finished watching fantastic mr. fox [wes anderson + roald dahl = awesome].

fun meals out at rue cler and parker & otis

cozy meals in

last night’s kale + white bean soup, with recipe from eating well
reflective time
with a bit of extra white space, i was able to do some thinking about things, which spawned yesterday’s post and also some more concrete thoughts about goals, resolutions, and the way i want to spend the next four months pre-baby — and beyond.

i’ll save these thoughts for a later post, but check out the pretty little receptacle for the newest batch of ideas, lists, charts, and the like for these months + the new year:

shown with my planner for size — it’s about 4″ x 6″
dots = the new less-intrusive graph paper
available here, although i bought mine at parker & otis.


week of 11.21 – 11.27


a good amount of running + other cardio. ZERO yoga/strength. i will remedy this starting now!

spanish: 3 / 7. i took thanksgiving off!

reading: none, really — abysmal. but i think i needed a break.

cooking: in x 4 [including thanksgiving!], out x 3

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