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November 16, 2011

the value of a break
one of the most salient lessons from the whole medical training experience for me has been about the importance of rest. not just sleep [although that’s important, too!] but full days away from the hospital/patients/academics/etc.

because the thing is: i really do like my job. and despite my recent pager woes, i still feel confident that i’ve made the right career choice for me. the only thing is: PUT ME TO WORK FOR MORE THAN 6-7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, AND I’M NEVER GOING TO WANT TO DO ANYTHING.

seriously! this month was going gloriously until i was denied the magical two-day rest period otherwise known as a weekend. previously, i was patient, centered, and had no trouble focusing in lectures and the like. fast forward to now [day 10 of a 12-day stretch, with the last 168 consecutive hours spent on page] when all i can think about is when i will get to stop. it’s not that i hate it — it’s just too much of one thing.

i wonder why the medical field is structured like this? i would gladly trade a lower salary in the future for more days off [above a certain threshold time >> money]. i realize that sick patients do not stop being sick for the weekend, but i’d be happy to work some saturdays + sundays if i could get at least one weekday off in exchange. obviously, i can’t compare my hours to those of say, the vascular surgery fellow [ahem] and i realize i’m still ‘in training’ [god almighty, this whole road has taken FOREVER] but . . . i’m just saying, it would be nice.

these are my new favorites, but in truth i’d still rather have more time off
obviously, i’m looking forward to the weekend. there WILL be a celebratory massage.

it’s planner season!
i won’t be indulging since mine starts in july with the ‘academic’ year, but it doesn’t mean i’m not having fun shopping vicariously! here’s one fun option:

jessica hische planner, from buyolympia, $14
lovely self-date layout, but i can’t tell what the weekly pages look like. clearly, one of you should buy it and let me know.

compact + cute – and you can start whenever you want
are you investing in a new planner for next year? share the details so i can bask in your organizational glory.



workout: 3 mi, 9:54/mi. i feel like i look more ridiculous each time i go, but my paces have shockingly stayed fairly consistent [not sure how long that will remain true, of course]. it’s looking good for my thanksgiving 5k next week!

real simple cooking
even though every time i type ‘real simple’ i want it to be ‘realLY simple’, i have to admit they have some great easy recipes. i used exactly one pan [dutch oven, actually] to make this chili. as it should be.

turkey + bean chili service with blue chips + topped with cheese. of course.
basically, this recipe involved prepping just a few vegetables and then dumping a bunch of cans into the pot with spices. maybe a little ‘semi-homemade’, but when the end result is delicious, relatively healthy, and mostly comprised of ‘whole’ foods . . . who cares? i would definitely make this again for its high speed/convenience to taste ratio.

espanol: check

reading: on hiatus until call week is over.

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