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November 20, 2011

down time
this weekend hasn’t been ‘exciting’, but the leisurely down time is exactly what i needed. yesterday included . . .

‘long’ run [4 mi], 9:55/mi average. my running jacket is thisclose to not zipping over the bump.

massage: amazing. my feet [plantar fascia?] were feeling sore after the run, so i had extra attention there. personally, i find massages to be the perfect post-call treat: completely indulgent but truly relaxing and also legitimate self-care. in my fantasy world, i will still be able to occasionally go post-baby and actually get to lie face-down again.

chick flick on demand:

i still have the last 35 minutes left [because i am incapable of staying up past 9 pm these days], but i liked the first 2/3.

baking project
there were 3 quickly-ripening bananas on the kitchen counter. i had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

i wonder if josh planted them there knowing what would happen. i used CL’s classic banana bread recipe, but i subbed 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and added some chocolate chips that seemed to be shouting “USE MEEEEEE” from the freezer door.

with milk. so i can pretend my snack is sort of healthy even if it’s full of chocolate
the only thing that would have made yesterday more lovely would have been if josh was home with me. we have to get our call weekends back in sync . . .


this list looks longer than it really is, i think. i anticipate another relaxing day. off to finish last night’s movie!

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