10/100: round 2

December 27, 2011

entering double digit territory
back in april, i decided to try out an interesting tactic i had seen on some other blogs; the “100 in 1001” list, which has grown so popular that it now even has its own website [interesting]. except i scaled mine back — 1001 days seemed like WAY too far in advance to be planning! who knows if what i want to do now will still be relevant in 2014?!

and so, 10 in 100 was born. 100 anyway!

happy new year?!
i had way too much fun designing new year’s cards on shutterfly yesterday! here’s the one we’re not using [didn’t want to pay the double postage for a square card!]



workout: nada. i felt SOOOOO lazy yesterday and it felt great to just do nothing!

en papilotte
sounds way fancier than ‘a bunch of stuff thrown into parchment paper and baked’, right?

either way, this thai curry fish packet from january’s CE was tasty and super-easy. the recipe is not online but i can post/send to anyone if there is interest.

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