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December 7, 2011

i’m glad yesterday’s post on hypothalamic anemorrhea was helpful to some of you! i put off writing it because it seemed daunting, but once i got into the swing of things it was a lot of fun sharing what i’ve learned [both at work, and personally]. because it took quite some time to write, i’m giving myself a bit of a break today and letting some of my internet favorites do the work for me. let the link luv begin!

recently spotted
the happiness of introverts. even though i’m not an introvert, i enjoyed this short piece on some of the different kinds of happiness — including a few less obvious forms.

♥ review of the super-comprensive collins 24-hour home and work diary on plannerisms. a hardcore planner reviewed by a hardcore planner fanatic! while i wouldn’t want to carry around so much i’m sure that it’s someone else’s dream diary.

♥ more on the good ol’ HP about decision making styles. i’m a satisficer all the way! you?

♥ a list of favorite reference books from angeliki of repsych. i basically want to read them all!

i am contemplating a body pillow. as i mentioned previously, i was staunchly anti-pillow before pregnancy. if one of josh’s 4 even attempted to get in my way, i’d often throw it on the ground in my sleep. now, i’ve claimed 2 and often wish for a third. 1-2 go under my head and another goes to the side so that i can sort of half-lean on it and pretend that i’m KIND OF sleeping face down.

so um . . . snoogle or my brest friend [shown below]?

i could go by which name is more ridiculous, but it would still be a draw.



workout: 3.06 mi, 9:57/mi

spicy shrimp noodle bowl
this soup was good in concept and i really liked the broth [you boil the shrimp tails/shells in hot water, broth, and clam juice to make a delicious salty base]. however, it would have been better if:

— i hadn’t gotten paged and forgotten to take it off of the burner while i had a scintillating conversation with a parent about how their 6 month old looked like he might vomit, but hadn’t

— i had used thicker + heartier noodles [ie udon or soba] instead of super-thin rice sticks

ahh well, it was dinner.

espanol: si

reading: no, due to a later night at work and work to do once i got home. but it was okay.

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