one more dayyy [and winner!]

December 30, 2011

i slept until 7 this morning — unthinkable for a work day! and the wonderful part is that i slept right through night 7 on the pager. [don’t worry, i didn’t sleep through pages — i just didn’t get any!]. and that’s it for overnight call in 2011.

didn’t quite come to fruition, but almost
given that i’m late, i’m going to keep this short and sweet. let me just say i am so excited for 5 pm to roll around so that i can begin a 3-day weekend! it’s not that i really worked all that hard this week; it’s just that it got really old being on while it seemed like everyone around me was either off, or gearing up for a nice long break.

finally, i have to say that doing the bare minimum over the past 7 days [while being on the pager] was just . . . unsatisfying. it wasn’t as restful as i imagined, and yet i managed to get bored! i realized that i’d actually rather be busy at work — time moves so slowly when i don’t get to spend any of it in that lovely flow state. i think this is why i typically prefer clinic situations. since appointments are scheduled, you’re not at the mercy of the peds endo gods to determine whether any given day will be feast [overwhelming] or famine [blah].

anyway, it’s off to work for one last 9 – 5 and then a little break, made even sweeter because josh is off too.

plans so far
✰ see a movie [young adult probably?]
✰ pick out baby stuff + register
✰ massages [both of us] monday!
✰ a lot of relaxing and just hanging out

excited already!

i was totally impressed at how many of you wanted that planner [i figured most people who love planners would be set by now 🙂 ].

here’s our random # . . .

and the winner is rachel, and i promise i didn’t pick her because of her flattering comment!

rachel, i’ve emailed you and will get you in touch with amy who will send out the planner! and i am pretty sure some of us [ahem, myself] would love an update on how it works out!



workout: 3.1 [ish?] in 33 minutes. still running the whole way, but i’m definitely slowing down, and my footpod just ran out of batteries which is maybe a good thing!

i don’t subscribe to the magazine, but eating well has a lot of recipes online, and the few i’ve tried have been decent, as well as very healthy.

this stuffed creation was no exception:

acorn squash stuffed with white beans and chard
the recipe is here. it’s definitely on the lighter side, so if you’re pregnant and hungry like i am you may want to accompany it with something additional — in my case, lots of brie and crackers while waiting for josh to get home. mmm.

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