planner procrastinator? [giveaway!]

December 29, 2011

it’s not too late!
yesterday reader amy emailed me with an insanely generous offer. she decided to go with the lovely journal J for this year, and somehow wound up with an extra planner on her hands.

and i’m not just talking about some throwaway deal. this laurel denise 2012 planner looks beautiful and quite practical as well.

as seen on the well-appointed desk
the pages are arranged cleverly so that an entire month can be viewed along with a to-do list for each day [and week]. it looks perfect for any listmaking aficionado who likes things to be all in one place.

anyway, amy couldn’t tear any of her friends away from their digital scheduling systems, but figured she would find some paperphiles hanging around here, and offered it up as a giveaway.

i will squelch the urge to keep it for myself [because two planners are NOT better than one as far as i’m concerned . . .] and offer it up as suggested!

to win this laurel denise planner, just leave a comment on this post telling me why you want it! the winner will be chosen by random number generator tomorrow [so that the winner can begin 2012 as on time as possible 🙂 ] and amy will ship it out.


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stay tuned!

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