resolutions 2012 [part 2]

December 21, 2011

[miss part 1 and love resolution-season like i do? it’s here!]

the annual review
ahhh, for me, this is usually the least-fun part of the resolution process: reviewing the previous year’s promises and celebrating success or admitting defeat. i hope that this year’s new approach helps me focus a bit better, but last year i made 6 traditional ‘january 1’ declarations. here goes nothing . . .

#1: 30 minutes of endo studying/reading daily

i’ve been SO off and on with this one, but unfortunately i can’t say that i consistently hit this target. more consistent studying is definitely something i would like to do in 2012, but i realize i may have to adjust my expectations a bit [perhaps dedicating 30 minutes while at work?], since after baby i’m pretty sure my home life will be VERY different.

grade: C

#2: workout reform [ie WAY less cardio/running for TTC purposes]

looking back, this photo was taken the day i ovulated prior to my BFP. coincidence or new fertility trick!?
it wasn’t until january that i finally accepted a 10 mi/week limit to my running. to fill the void, i did lots of yoga [i still feel like blue point gets partial credit for this pregnancy!]. 4-miles became my ‘long run’ and in lieu of weekly distance, i became obsessed over side crow and headstand <– evidence that i did eventually get the hang of it — now hopefully i’ll be able to do this again someday post-baby! this resolution was very hard for me but turned out to work out very well. i am proud of my non-activity!

grade: A+

#3: get out and do more!

in colorado springs with the lovely YPC! april 2011
hmm — this one is harder to gauge, although looking back, i think i succeeded with this in 2011! over the past year, josh and i traveled to arizona [for a week] and the beach [for a weekend] — not to mention our recent trip to miami for essentially a day. i went to colorado for work, philadelphia for fun [HLS!], and boston for a lovely reunion with my college girlfriends. we’ve had some fantastic dinners with friends — both out and in. we’ve enjoyed exploring our new area [YEAHHHH downtown durham!], walking to local restaurants and the local movie theater. i saw girl talk and bon iver. i’ve gotten to hang out with both sides of the family. i’m sure we could do more, but i’m pretty satisfied with the current balance.

i would still like to see my sister more + make it out to raleigh!

grade: A-

#4: see an RD for my TTC issues and make necessary changes

as you all know — SO glad i followed through with this [read details of my RD visit here].

grade: A

#5: participate in one service project this year
um. other than some monetary donations and organizing the reach out and read fundraising efforts last spring, i didn’t really do this, and i have to say i’m a little embarrassed about it! i don’t think i was specific enough in defining my goal.

but that doesn’t mean i am giving up forever!

grade: D — but with opportunity for extension.

#6: slow down and relax

ahh, forever a work in progress. but at least i’m still trying!

grade: A for effort, though not for execution.

well, that was fun. i am [as always] looking forward to starting anew with different strategies in 2012! how did your 2011 resolutions go? do you do a similar review of sorts? it can be painful, but is definitely helpful for me to see what went wrong — and to appreciate that a lot went right! here’s to growth, learning, laughter, and peace in the new year.

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