resolutions 2012 [part 4]: the list

December 31, 2011

without further ado . . .
12 months. 12 goals — or whatever, we can call them “habits” if it makes leo happier.

shown above are the general categories — the specifics will be . . . well, more specific! and many of these are subject to change, particularly anything post-march. i am going in with hopeful plans and delightful anticipation, but no expectations.

tomorrow, i’ll go a little deeper into january’s resolution. reducing my time spent online is definitely NOT a new goal habit for me, but it is something i find quite difficult! i am hoping that with this as my primary focus, it will be easier. plus, i see it as a gateway resolution: with less time spent online, i will have more time to do other more rewarding things. a perfect setup for the later months, right?

guess we’ll see!

ritual cleansing
i cleaned up this place just over 1 week ago — and entropy has struck yet again. however, i am looking forward to spending a leisurely morning scrubbing and rearranging and putting away — nothing like starting a new year with clean clothes, dishes, and countertops.

and with that, i’m off to enjoy this last day of 2011! what a year . . .

if you’re NOT trying to detox from the internet this year, i really liked this post about balancing planning and spontaneity [in her case, while traveling]. full disclosure: i know the author from college and found her post on facebook! she’s an internal medicine doctor and i love her writing style.



workout: rest. but i plan on a run outside today — the high is 62!

old havana sandwich shop
josh was actually off yesterday while i headed to work: insanity! he picked me up from the hospital at 1:30 pm and whisked me away for a lovely lunch break at old havana sandwich shop — his choice, as you might imagine.

however, i was quickly won over by this cute eatery’s menu of cuban-style sandwiches. because of the whole ‘no deli meat’ thing, i couldn’t get a traditional cuban, but i opted for the “el caney”, a combo of slow-roasted pork, avocado, mustard, and super-melty cheese. it was served on the classic flattened cuban bread [although it was actually baked at the decidedly un-latin guglhupf!] and was hearty and delicious, served with a few maduros for good measure.

cuban-style sandwich with maduros and a fairly well-behaved pager
i have had traditional cuban sandwiches [and medianoches] in miami and this was on par, although i did miss the currently forbidden ham.

the only problem with this lunch is that i finished all of it and then had a VERY hard time working afterwards — i wanted a nap! but at least the pager stayed [mostly] quiet throughout the little outing. and as of now, i’m pager-free until tuesday! YEAHAHHH!

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