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January 3, 2012

deep breathing in the baby store
josh and i made the pilgrimage to our local buy buy baby yesterday just to look at things [not to buy!]. it was actually REALLY helpful and ended up solidifying a lot of our decisions! the hardest part seems to be striking a balance between opting for purchases that will make things easier vs. going crazy for too much stuff that just fills up the apartment with clutter [my nemesis]. i absolutely love our living space, but we do not have a huge amount of room. i fully expect that a good percentage of our space to get filled with baby paraphernalia, but every piece better be something that serves a purpose.

and if possible, not completely garish and offensive-looking . . .

this chair would be fine in a big house but does not need to be the focal point of our entire kitchen/dining area/living room
luckily, there are plenty of alternatives these days:

inoffensive and hopefully functional keekeroo chair
our biggest dilemma right now remains: how to set up the baby’s room so that it can also be a comfortable guest room for visitors. right now we are thinking about a futon [which will also become my nursing/lounging couch]. as usual, we’ll probably go the way of good ol’ IKEA:

beddinge havet. just can’t beat the prices + respectable design
in fact, we’re even planning on hacking an IKEA dresser into a changing table

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