confessions + embarrassments [and some links]

January 11, 2012

my one and only january resolution hasn’t been going that well. things started off nicely, but i got derailed by last friday’s little mishap.

the last time i did my spanish was a week ago. i KNOW! work has been busier and i’m starting to get more tired. not great excuses, but it is what it is.

i have complete and utter baby brain. i feel absent-minded and foggy. i have a hard time focusing on presentations — particularly anything science-related. i’m getting the idea that february and march in the lab will be interesting . . .

part of that is just being distracted because i think about the 28-weeker inside of me approximately 1 million times per day. every time she moves [which is A LOT], every time i get up from a seated position, and every time i look down to see what seems like a foreign object on my lap. yesterday the first thing i did upon arriving to work was not to check labs, but to investigate crib mattresses [it seemed absolutely essential at the time!].

pottery barn kids now owns me. even though i KNOW it doesn’t matter, we [okay, i] decided to splurge on the set i had been drooling over for a month.

we have been incredibly lucky to have received extremely generous gifts from family/friends already, and i am coming into some fantastic hand-me-downs [ie: gently used breast pump!], so this is likely the only major purchase we will really be shelling out for [other than the uber-practical IKEA futon. and uhh, day care. but we’ve been saving for that for a long time now]. so, i felt okay about it. and i can’t wait to actually put our nursery together!!

last night’s dinner: cheese-filled tortilla, some yogurt with granola, and strangely addictive ikea KEX cookies. i tried to rationalize salsa as my ‘vegetable’, but i realize that is totally lame. this had nothing to do with nausea/aversions [haven’t had those for months] — just pure laziness, as josh was out at a work function. i do feel guilty about it because i don’t want to shortchange our now rapidly-growing baby in any way. i am determined to do better!

i kind of like my new treadmill workouts probably because i have finally added walking intervals to my runs. i’m definitely at the point where even running at 5.5 mph (1% incline) for 30 minutes is a really HARD workouts for me, and i don’t want to be pushing so much!

i never thought i’d ever want to post anything like this online, but this blog is the best record i will have of my first pregnancy, and i want to capture even the little things.

taken while in bed last night. i was reading and she was just going crazy in there! i think she must like murakami . . .

don’t worry, it’s under 30 seconds!
♥ the beautiful spring 2012 moleskine catalog! i sort of want everything in there. but i’m actually thinking about getting this:

♥ angeliki’s thoughts on murakami — i agree with many of her points!

♥ gretchen rubin’s take on being overwhelmed by big projects. personally, i wish she’d stick to writing [i don’t love her on video!] but i like many of her points.

♥ i am dying to clear out my life for the new year, but haven’t gotten to do it yet! i think the weekend of january 28-29 is going to be dedicated to this.