i guess we can call it a babymoon

January 28, 2012

i hadn’t mentioned it, but josh headed out to a conference in colorado this week — i guess because i don’t like to advertise when i will be home alone.

he was going to a vascular surgery conference to give a talk — very impressive, and he worked really hard on it. he was also going to do a little skiing, as the conference was in vail.

the truth is: i had a very uneasy feeling about it. i made him promise several times that he would NOT try anything daredevilesque on the west coast slopes. after all, the last time he had skiied was with me and i think it was around 2003 in pennsylvania. he certainly outperformed me [that’s not hard], but neither of us were experts. as i kissed him goodbye the nagging impulse that something bad was going to happen didn’t really fade. i just . . .somehow . . . knew.

when he called me at 4:45 pm [i was in clinic], i picked it up and jokingly greeted him with, “so, did you break your leg?”

there was a pause and suddenly i was horrified to realize that i already knew the answer.

not his tibia. but you get the idea
it was a right tibial fracture and he was going to the OR in a couple of hours, 2 time zones away. he would have nails of some sort placed in there. and he would be spending at least 2 days in the local hospital there. the only consolation to me was the realization that they probably have excellent orthopedics in the ski haven.

plans, schmans
suddenly my fantasies of a relaxing weekend flew out the window. it’s times like these that i realize that ‘plans’ are just that — one potential idea of what the next block of time might hold. things can change in an instant. even though i know it’s “only” a broken leg, i knew i needed to be with him in the hospital, just like he stayed with me through my recent mishap. i called my OB [fine, i called our close friend dr. s — but he happens to legitimately be one of the OBs in the group i see!] to get his opinion on whether it was safe to fly, and he reassured me that it was fine.

so, by the time you read this, i will be on an unexpected little adventure [my first-ever flight booked less than 12 hours in advance!] at altitude to be with josh. hopefully the surgery will be LONG over with and he will be feeling okay! he will be in a cast and on crutches for at least the next 2 weeks, so that will be interesting [it’s his right leg, too, so no driving].

getting him around is going to be interesting — but i can only imagine that people are likely to be helpful towards the clearly pregnant woman accompanying her injured husband in a wheelchair. the only question is: which of us will be at greater risk for DVT? heh, i kid, but i also worry, because i’m very good at that. but there are so many what ifs in this case that it’s probably better i just move on and try to enjoy the ride. after all, things could have been MUUUUUUUUCH much worse. and i did say i wanted a babymoon . . .

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