January 15, 2012

i feel so lucky, so loved, and so thankful.
i wish the struggling me from just under one year ago could have seen this future with a crystal ball. i am so HAPPY these days! and even though i know there is nothing i can really do to understand the magnitude of the changes that are coming, i think we are starting to feel . . .

a little more prepared. if that’s possible 🙂

this lovely shower was thrown by our miami beach family [josh’s side], and it was amazing — pink buttons everywhere [the theme was “as cute as . . .”].

button bouquets:

button treats:

MORE button treats:

and yes — even MORE button treats.

another fabulous treat was getting to spend time with JT — who i actually met at HLS two years ago. JT brought her beautiful baby girl and had so much wisdom to impart.

josh got a diaper dude [that way he won’t feel ridiculous carrying around my orla . . . ]

please ignore my slightly crazed expression
and let me just say our baby is going to be one well-dressed chica.

[why are baby jeans just the cutest thing ever!?!?]

it was a fantastic day!

and getting ready just makes me think over and over again about how we are getting close to meeting her. i can’t wait.

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