11 things on leap day

February 29, 2012

meme: overdue
because heather tagged me, and because — well, why not?

* you must post 11 random things about yourself.
* answer the questions set for you in their post.
* create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

11 random facts!
1. if our baby girl were born today, she could go to the full-term nursery at duke [there’s a 35-week cutoff]. pretty sure it won’t happen, though.

2. my favorite vacation destination ever was maui.

3. i ALWAYS have my favorite pen available [i stock them in steady supply from jetpens]

life is too short to use crappy writing instruments
4. i have had this blog for nearly 1/4 of my life.

5. i hate cilantro. at least i’m in good company!

6. i love salty licorice [among many other things, obviously].

7. back in high school, i played violin and piano, sang, and was on the [competition] cheerleading squad. now i do none of those things, but i can still fake it on the piano pretty well and play essentially anything by ear.

8. i didn’t like to practice my instruments — ever. sometimes i’d try to get away with pretending to practice piano with a babysitter’s club book hidden under the keys, noodling around with one hand so my parents wouldn’t notice. [usually they did, though.]

9. my belly button has not yet popped out but i think the chances of it happening in the next few weeks are pretty high.

10. i have found that i don’t really miss [caffeinated] coffee that much [red wine is another story . . .]

11. i don’t have what i would consider a real purse but i own 5 orla kiely bags [in various sizes] plus a wallet and suitcase. when i like something . . .

questions from heather
1. If you could get paid to do anything in the world without worrying about being realistic, what would you do? I supposed normal people would refer to this as a dream job.

part-time pediatric endocrinology, part-time blogging, part-time stay-at-home mom!

here’s to hoping . . .

2. You can only live one place for the rest of your life and it can’t be anywhere you’ve lived before. Where would it be?

well . . . there’s a reason we’re planning on relocating to miami beach!

3. If you were a celebrity, what would you be famous for?

my witty comebacks and vast [really VAST] shoe collection.

4. Can you recite the Greek alphabet?

absolutely not.

5. If you got to be on any game show you wanted, which one would it be?

does what not to wear count?

6. Roller blades or skates?

skates! but not until i get my center of gravity back.

7. What’s your biggest fear?

it’s a little embarrassing, but i am TERRIFIED of lightning. and i overestimate the threat of any weather-based natural disaster!

8. If you could name yourself, what name would you chose?

wow. um, i think i’m too set in my ways to even consider this, although i always wanted a more exotic/unusual name growing up.

9. Would you rather go the Olympics or the Oscars?

tough choice!! but i would pick the olympics — especially if i could go watch multiple events [track, diving, gymnastics in some fabulous location would be pretty awesome]

10. Favorite thing to order in a restaurant.

scallops. they’re hard for me to pass up!

11. You’re the pilot on a plane. You can fly it anywhere you want. Where would you go?

see random fact #2. this is assuming i am a competent pilot, though, because that’s a long trip.

tag you’re it
i realize this is against the rules, but since this is an old meme and i think the world has been tagged already, please jump in if you haven’t played yet! OR, feel free to leave any answer in the comments [i’m genuinely curious!] to any or all! my questions are . . .

1. what is the earliest thing you can remember?

2. what do you think is the best hour of tv on each week?

3. if you were in a rock band, what would you play?

4. and, what would the band be called?

5. if you had unlimited $$$, would you still work? something different or the same as your current job?

6. what, in your opinion, is the most delicious brand of chocolate?

7. if you could only use 3 personal hygiene/toiletry items daily, what would they be?

8. twitter or facebook? [or neither]?

9. let’s say you’ve won a $2000 gift card to ANY one store! where would you use it?

10. if you had the day off today, what would you do?

11. describe the most amazing meal you have ever eaten. [details, please].

off to the gym
is it me or has time started flying? i can’t believe tomorrow is MARCH!

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